you must know guys some important information about Types Of Protein:

1-That the most important types of protein is the flesh protein or meats generally ( chicken,meat,fish,tuna,eggs, ) that supplies the body with all kinds of amino acids especially that not excreted by the body itself.

2-Animal protein is full completed with needed amino acids to build muscles , and also main low calories factor compared to any other source ,and able to control hunger more than any other nutritive element.Like when you get hungry as example don’t eat only vegetables you’re not rabbit 😀 .

3-An important factor to form enzymes and hormones which is secreted by the glands like thyroid and necafic gland and insulin hormon.

4-Formation of red blood cells which it’s role transporting oxygen to cells.

5-Building new muscular tissues and renewing damaged tissues and eases the operation of digestion.

6-Bones health are attached to protein, maintaining hair,nails,skin freshness,ability to concentrate all of this depends mostly on protein.

7-Frying chicken and all types of meat makes these proteins absorbs the harmful fats don’t never ever do this guys it’s forbidden .makes the digestion of protein very difficult.

8-In studies but not enough or done adequately and in different sectors of people and cases to say that fried food bacon multiple hydrocarbons or convert some of the amino acids contained in red meat to carcinogenic chemicals.

9-Best ways to cook protein in order:
– grilled
– roast “with putting the meat after the ignition of coal completely and stopped smoke and don’t eat burned sides”
Or adjustment in the oven or on the home grill over the cooker or hot air blowers.

At the end of the article i’d like to say an important idiom:

Eat protein to be a killer fat machine stay healthy keep it up my heroes 🙂