In this very important issue we are going to talk about bread.

our mission in this healthy article to persuade all of you that the harm of bread and all of bakery types more than its benefits.

there are four important concepts we need to keep them know ..
First: the cycle of addiction to sugar and its relationship to obesity ..
Because eating sugar or eating any sugar for the body, it leads to raise the levels of glucose in the blood, and because the pancreas returns to sugar levels, uniforms were not Bevers insulin .. Insulin receptor receptors of the cells of the body that they open to receive the glucose Gailha and used as energy for our body .. Reduction There is no problem.

The problem is getting more sugar than the need of the body. In this case, the cells need their glucose and the rest turns into fat stored in the cells. After that, all the blood sugar level rises. The pancreas secrete more insulin, but the cells resist.

Insulin is not responding to him and biting It is a friendly problem known as insulin resistance or “insulin resistance” At the moment, although the level of glucose in the blood is high, but the body cells are not used, and caused the sense of tiredness, fatigue, hunger and craving needs which have more carbohydrates ..

And continue the cycle of addiction, eating sugar or simple carbohydrates, the level of glucose rises in the blood body excretes insulin So much as it comes down and the cells store the excess sugar
As fat, the drunk lower its level in the blood, so we can feel tired and hungry, then we have a second sugar, and so on. An endless going cycle ..

Scientists also say that sugar stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain that are stimulated by cocaine and heroin.

The reason is that we love sweets and addicted to them.
We do not break the cycle of addiction to drowsiness with tiredness and headaches, which are the symptoms of withdrawal.

Which comes in the first but only after the birth of salvation. The only solution is to break the cycle of addiction that you cut one time not gradually.

If you gradually get drunk sugar cravings and the cycle will continue ..
In addition to the problems of obesity, insulin resistance also stimulates the growth of cancer cells and many other problems.

The suffering of the American people with obesity is summarized in the problem of “sugar addiction” ..
As they eat whole fast foods and processed foods and sugar products, non-carbonated water and sweets.

And when we say by the addiction to sugar we don’t mean literally sugar only ..
But the starch is included in this disaster.. and simple carbohydrates, which the body quickly transforms it to sugar.

White flour and general refined peas are those that are bought by their problem, such as peels, flakes, and fiber. The body converts it to glucose quickly.

It reverses the complex carbohydrates and the whole grain (in their husks), because the fibers in which the body breaks down turn them to glucose slowly.

The sugar level in the blood does not rise quickly, Hivers are insulin-rich in large amounts and thus cells respond to respond to insulin again.

Or in a healthy sense that remains sensitive to insulin, and of course all that is playing sport mode is kept better also ..

Besides this fibers makes a great sense of fullness and that you are not hungry and satisfied with what you ate Try as possible as you can to take the energy needed by your body of useful fats in nuts and other useful fats like in coconut oil and avocados and also the natrual grain extracted from cows and sheeps.

This ver healthy and useful to easy burn fats inside your body because it’s non-complicated fats ..
Or of the carbs compound in general .. tried to eat the brown bread not white .. And brown rice not white .. Because the white loaf of it crusts .. And may You can be better and you will be able to achieve your goal faster..

Finally you must be honest full of strength and have a massive motivation to do all what we said , imagining yourself shredded and having a sexy six-packs will help see ya in Next article ” Sugar Addiction Cycle,Benefits of eating lovely Vegetables