Is it healthy option or not?? we will answer all of you about this question in this amazing interesting article.
What we mean here the milk which is for adults not babies.
we want to say that the natural milk is important to the adults for their health ,building muscles,strengthen up their bones like the mother breast milk is important for babies to grow with good health.

we had saw an artificial milk bottle in the market and when we read the nutrition facts in it we found disasters.
first we found in it hydrogenated oils and that its nutritive value is so weak.
secondly we found that it had a high fats, taste additives , artificial flavours , emulsions ,linen oil ,sun-flower oil ,solid milk a mix of oils that is absolutely harmful.
powdered milk is made through getting rid of 60% of water from it after heating it in a high temperature then cooling it fixing it then they add the hydrogenated oils.
its basic usage is in the bakery and restaurants because its cheap and easy to storage.
there were users to the powdered milk who suffered swelling in the digestive system and problems in the skin looks like acne and skin rash.
when they stopped using powdered milk the symptoms has disappeared.
there are also complains from another cases but with researches dont have all the scientific research conditions but it has a wide reputation like chronic headache , concupiscence drop , polycystic ovaries,osteoporosis for children from 8-14 years old.
also increasing the percentage of fats ,harmful icreasing of cholesterol ,water retention.
again we say that these complains not have enough scientific research conditions but still exist and documented..
all what we say now only used 20 gram daily , almost a full big spoon.
by the way some of the eruopean union states like germany they don’t have powdered milk at all , also japan dont know about artificial milk anything.
so,what is the best kind of milk? we recommend buffalo milk then short-term canned milk”expirey date after week” then long-term canned milk full or low fat.
but fat free milk “scimmed milk ” has no need and no meaning and suppose not have no important benefit our basic problem is with starches and sugar not healthy fats in full creamed milk with all it types in milk or other sources of healthy fats like buffalo margarine and goat margarine and many sources which is an easy source of fat to burn by little effort because it consist of short chain of carbon atoms beside its ability to absorbe vitamins and make our body use it for many good operations not like the artificial oils which is very harmful like powdered milk ((which we will talk about it in single article))
Finally a personal advice i dont use me and my family powdered milk under any condition and dont give it to your children and dont let the commercial sentences supported with fancy words like full of calcium & vitamin D & C & Whatever deceive you.
wish all of you a good health