*Do you have been working for long time and your weight is stable ? you can’t remove the last layer of fats above your muscles and want to be Shredded but don’t know why you don’t get the perfect shape?

*In this article we will say to all of you why this happens!!

*Many people are very convinced that it is fixed in weight because of the retention of water in the body.

*Why is the center or clinic that you go check up with it fails to let you know the reason od not losing weight any more and decieve you and on the balance tells you the origin of you have an over weight.

*All of this informations are totally wrong, the fact that you have a high fat percentage and the instructor or your doctor don’t know how to deal with the cause of your over weight and give you a paper that he already gave to thousand person like you or want to sell you medecine or sessions of cheating and slimming. And you hurry to drop down quickly on the balance.

*The excess water is the last thing that is not supposed to be in your mind from the beginning.

*You are suffering from the accumulation of fat, not water, the shape of the legs, arms, abdomen or back, which is supported by dehydrated fats.

*All carbohydrates associated with the large salt is the cause of increased water in the body like Baking cakes.

*You must know that every 1 grams of carbohydrates will give your body 3 grams of water.

*And this what happens with the people who have a high percentage of sugared carbohydrates which make you not to feel thirsty for many days and in result not drinking water wich is very unhealthy!!All of these problems Because of the large starch amount in your food.

  • The perfect solution :

    1-make a very well planned balanced diet contains all of nutritive elements.

2- carbohydrates,proteins,healthy fats,fibers.

3-workout 6 days a week for one hour daily.

4-drink from (2-5) liters of water every day.

5-drink your coffee of freshly roasted coffee

6-stop eating pastries,bakery,and sugars like candys.