7 Facts About Soda Deadly Effects

Today we are going to talk about the harm effects of soda which most of us drink it unfortunately.

– How the soda was invented : first of all it was invented as a replacement of alcohol and morphine by the american pharmacist JOHN STETH PEMBRTON in 1866.

From this time the curse has began and by the way DR.PEMBERTON died of alcohol and morphine addiction.

-What is soda soft drinks?

Soda drinks contain a high percentage of sugars that destroy human health over time.
It also contains carbon dioxide, which causes the body to suffer from indigestion, and damages the yeast in the stomach.
It also contains a large percentage of caffeine, which is one of the reasons Which lead to addiction to have these drinks all times excessively, and contains artificial sweeteners that cause over time damaged in the brain cells.

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top 20 healthy breakfast ideas

— Introduction to healthy breakfast ideas

Not hungry at first in the morning? Do not have time? Trying to lose weight? These calorie-charged meals will drive you to discover the fun of breakfast again.

There are things for everyone, starting with the energy-enhanced “apple pie” and protein-rich scrambled eggs, a nutrient-rich green drink and sugar-free granola bars.

“Getting used to eating in the morning is something you can walk towards,” says nutritionist Alison Hornby. “Start with a snack like a piece of fruit or low-fat yogurt.

“After a while, your appetite will naturally increase in the morning and you may notice that you eat less throughout the day, including snacks.”
Research suggests that people who eat breakfast are thinner because they tend to eat less during the day, especially high calorie snacks.

If you do not have time in the morning, think of ways to save it for the purpose by making your breakfast simple, either by waking up 10 minutes or completing other work early.

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Sugar Addiction Cycle! Benefits of eating lovely Vegetables

As we said before in ” BREAD MUST BE OUT OF YOUR LIFE!! SUGAR ADDICTION CYCLE ” of this article the benefits and great useful nutrition habits cutting out eating bread and sugar we will mention the replacement healthy nutrition instead of using sugar and bread and white starch generally.

When we have nice natural needs from the goods agriculture organically deep in the mother earth, Our body is aware of it and makes it into nutritional very useful elements that benefit from it and make you feel , not hungry ,and satisfied with what you had eaten.

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Bread must be out of your life!! Sugar Addiction Cycle

In this very important issue we are going to talk about bread.

our mission in this healthy article to persuade all of you that the harm of bread and all of bakery types more than its benefits.

there are four important concepts we need to keep them know ..
First: the cycle of addiction to sugar and its relationship to obesity ..
Because eating sugar or eating any sugar for the body, it leads to raise the levels of glucose in the blood, and because the pancreas returns to sugar levels, uniforms were not Bevers insulin .. Insulin receptor receptors of the cells of the body that they open to receive the glucose Gailha and used as energy for our body .. Reduction There is no problem.

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