How To lose face fat fast And Get Rid Of Double Chin

lose face fat fast

lose face fat fast

How to lose face fat might seem like sort of weird topic to a lot of you, but the truth is that this is something that I do get asked quite often and it did come in the Q&A  that I did a while back.

So I wanted to do a really quick article here answering this.

 It’s obviously a beginner question but a lot of people saying that they have bloating in their face or that they tend to store fat there and just want to know how to get rid of it and get a more visible jawline and cheekbones, just slim down their faces in general.

The answer to this is dead simple; No, face work out is not the answer.

video I’m going to demonstrate this and then you’ll do it along with me.

Wow, bringing blood to the face and oxigenating the blood is the most cleansing thing you can do video If you want to lose face fat, all it really comes down to is just an issue of basic total body fat loss in general by maintaining a net calorie deposit overtime and lowering your overall body fat percentage.

There’s no way to specifically target your face fat over any other fat on your body, just like specifically target belly fat or specifically target thigh fat or anything else.

The only way to lose fat from one specific area of your body is to lose fat from your entire body as a whole and that’s done through proper training and proper nutrition.

The way in which your body breaks down that fat from different areas is determined by genetics, but overtime you will lose fat from everywhere and that’s include your face.

And luckily a lot of people do find that when they begin a fat loss program, changes in their facial area are one of the first things that they notice.

And this happens both through losing a bit of actual fat and also through reducing water retention because once you get on to
a proper nutrition plan with fewer calories and fewer carbs and a higher water intake that’s going to have a natural flushing effect and you’ll probably lose a few pounds of water weight really quickly just from that alone and some of it will come of your face.

So that’s really all there is to it.

I’m not going to go into details of proper training and nutrition here because that’s a very broad topic I have tons of articles on my blog over at  But in any case if you want to slim down your face or any one particular area of your body, the only way to do that is by lowering your overall body fat percentage
in general.

And there’s no specific technique that you can use to just hone in one particular area.

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