• At the beginning we must know that Weight loss “Thinness” causes health problems that are no less serious than those caused by obesity.

They reduce the body’s energy, create a constant feeling of tiredness, become unable to perform normal daily tasks, and most often, those who suffer from thinness become more exposed than others.

For the lack of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients for the health of the body,so it is best to consult a dietitian to know the correct diet for slimming, especially if accompanied by a lack of important nutrients to the body, to treat these important elements of the body.

  • Reasons for weight loss:

Before we talk about how to gain weight, it is important to know the causes of thinness,and the most important reasons are:

1-Not eating enough meals during the day.

2-Eating meals at far different interval times during the day.

3-The wrong choice of not eating useful and healthy foods.

4-There is a problem with the absorption of food and may be due to a disease or health problems such as a defect in the hormone, or an appetite disorder, or cancer.

5-Non-discrimination of feeling hungry.

6-Thyroid disorder .

7-psychological reasons such as depression or anxiety, and others.

8-doing daily routine exhausting tasks and increasing the effort without increasing the amount of food which cause lack of calories and as a result lack in energy too.

  • Weight gain tips:

These are the most important steps and tips that help you gain weight for those who do not suffer from diseases and health problems:

1-eating three main meals during the day, plus two or three snacks between meals, preferably drinking milk or fresh juices with meals or between them To increase the calories in the body.

2-Refrain from drinking water before eating and reduce drinking between meals so as not to lose appetite.

3-Reduce the intake of foods that contain unsaturated fats, because they raise the level of insulin in the blood.

4-Avoid eating vegetables and fruits that contain Quantities of water such as watermelon, orange and squash.

5-you must gain weight gradually, as 500 calories a day increase the weight by five kilograms a week.

6-Take enough rest daily and sleep for enough hours.

7-Exercise to speed up metabolism, this makes The body needs more calories and therefore need to eat in larger quantities.

The following is a list of the most important foods that increase weight:

1-Eggs: It is one of the most important foods rich in protein for healthy body and weight gain in addition to containing vitamins A, D and E.

2-Natural fruit juice: throw containing a high percentage of natural useful sugar which make you gain weight safely and in a healthy way

3-peanut butter: one tablespoon contains 100 calories, 4 grams of protein, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin E, And vitamin B3, as well as existence of a good percentage of protein in it.

4-oats: because it consist of a fair proportion of fibers.

5-Dried fruits: They contain five to eight times more calories than fresh fruit, so they are overweight foods. For example, calories for a cup of raisins are 460 calories.

6-Yogurt: Yogurt contains 118 calories.

7-Whole wheat bread: One piece of bread contains about 69 calories, and whole wheat bread is rich in fibers and minerals that are not in white bread.

8-Full-fat milk: Contains vitamin A, vitamin D, It contains 60 calories.

9-Meat: Meat of all kinds is one of the most important sources of protein, so it is important to increase weight and get the body important nutrients, but must be removed from fat before eating to avoid the damage caused by these fats.

10-Cheese: Cheese contains good proportions of protein and calcium And cholesterol-beneficial, and in one piece there is about 69 calories.

11-Olive oil: is a healthy foods that help to increase weight, and contains one tablespoon of it is 120 calories, in addition to 14 grams of fat, and can be added to many dishes As well as the salads.

12-Vegetable oils: such as coconut oil and peanut oil, are all good for heart health and moderate in calories.

13-Nuts: They are full of fat and fiber and are a snack and useful because they reduce the risk of heart disease. And potatoes, all of which are rich in protein, fiber and vitamin C.

14-High calories fruits: such as mangoes, pineapples, bananas and apples, each containing about 100 calories.

  • Food Dishes that make you gain weight in a healthy way:

It has a high percentage of carbohydrates, high in calories, rich in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants important to strengthen immunity, are prepared by boiling potatoes or roasting potatoes. And then mashed, can also eat mashed potatoes as a dish of appetizers or add to the salads, can also be added to vegetarian butter or cream for cooking.

2-Oatmeal soup:
Oatmeal is characterized by its high nutritional value, it contains a high percentage of minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper, 6, and the number of calories in the oatmeal soup to about 200 calories, and therefore gives the body high energy, Prepared with the addition of chicken breasts, butter or cream, as well as mushrooms and parsley All these foods rich in calories, proteins and fiber, so this soup is heavy and useful for those who suffer from thinness.

3-Egg Omelet: We have already mentioned that eggs contain a high percentage of protein that has a role in weight gain, and prepare egg omelet either in the normal way or by adding some spices, or vegetables such as parsley, parsley or spinach, can add mashed potatoes or cheese, Calories in egg omelets with no additions to 100 calories.

  • Gaining weight snacks:

One of the following meals can be taken as a snack to gain weight:

1-peanut butter sandwiches.

2-A cup of whole-fat milk with a piece of biscuit contains peanut butter.

3-A cup of milk, 175 grams, mixed with fruit, and eating a few grains of raisins beside it.

4-A glass of milk mixed with chocolate.

At the end i’d like to mention that this article is attached oppositely to the bunch of articles talking about how you loss weight in a healthy way .. wish you still healthy ,shredded,motivated guys,keep it my heroes 🙂