— Introduction to healthy breakfast ideas

Not hungry at first in the morning? Do not have time? Trying to lose weight? These calorie-charged meals will drive you to discover the fun of breakfast again.

There are things for everyone, starting with the energy-enhanced “apple pie” and protein-rich scrambled eggs, a nutrient-rich green drink and sugar-free granola bars.

“Getting used to eating in the morning is something you can walk towards,” says nutritionist Alison Hornby. “Start with a snack like a piece of fruit or low-fat yogurt.

“After a while, your appetite will naturally increase in the morning and you may notice that you eat less throughout the day, including snacks.”
Research suggests that people who eat breakfast are thinner because they tend to eat less during the day, especially high calorie snacks.

If you do not have time in the morning, think of ways to save it for the purpose by making your breakfast simple, either by waking up 10 minutes or completing other work early.
– And now we come to our delicious breakfast meals :

1- Porridge ‘apple pie’:

Serving: One adult. Preparation time 10 minutes. Cooking time: 5 minutes. Calories per serving: 345 calories (1,443 kilojoules).
Ingredients: 50 g of oat porridge, 200 ml of apple juice (without added sugar) 100 ml of half-fat milk, 1 medium sized apple candy, cut into cubes, a sprinkle of cinnamon.
It is a hot porridge that makes you feel comfortable, seasoned with the classic flavors of homemade apple pie.
Place all ingredients in a saucepan. Heat and stir the ingredients until boiling, then lower heat and leave on low heat for 5 minutes. Move it down. Pour the porridge into the serving bowl and add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

2-Or you can try: Oatmeal with dried fruit:

fresh fruit and low fat skimmed milk – Fruit added to oatmeal with dried fruit is counted as part of your portion of the five servings per day. Low-fat yoghurt, calcium and protein are low in fat. Watch out for sugar content in low-fat yogurt. Get oatmeal and dried fruit without adding sugar.
Because as we said in(( sugar addiction cycle)) we don’t want to use any sugar as possible as we can heroes!

3-Porridge with mashed bananas and dried berries:

Place oatmeal and a handful of dried cranberries in a bowl and add half-fat milk. Place in the microwave for 3-4 minutes with stirring occasionally. Move with mashed bananas when cooked. Bananas are a healthy alternative to sugar or honey. Use very ripe bananas to get better results.

4-The cooked beans on whole-wheat toast:

Its not only low-fat cooked beans, they are also rich in fiber which make you feel full and satisfied of food and protein, making them a source of vegetable protein. Be aware of the limits of reducing salt and sugar.

5-Breakfast rich in protein:

The scrambled eggs (with the option of toast made from whole wheat)
Serving: One adult. Preparation time: 5 minutes. Cooking time: 5 minutes. Calories per serving: scrambled eggs: 247 calories (1,033 kilojoules), 2 slices of whole wheat toast: 190 calories (795 kJ).
Ingredients: 2 eggs, 4 tablespoons low-fat milk, 2 slices of toast made with whole wheat, 2 teaspoons of low-fat butter, black pepper sprinkle, a small amount of optional chives (low calories)
The secret lies behind the perfect scrambled eggs in a gently blended pan in the pan to get the curd instead of a vibrating dry mixture.
Mix the eggs and milk a little in a bowl. Dissolve the low-fat butter in a bowl and add the egg mixture. Mix the mixture over medium to high heat, stir slowly and gently until it comes in a large soft curd form. Place the eggs on slices of toast, place a little bit of chives and pepper with some pepper.

• For green eggs, beat eggs with a handful (40 g) of spinach (30 calories / 125 kJ).

6-Meat and cold cheeses :

For a choice of lower calories, choose lean meats such as grilled turkeys and light cheeses, such as low-fat mature cheeses with 30% or medium “light” cheeses. Accompanied by fresh grapes and crisp biscuits.

7-Low-fat Greek milk covered in fresh fruit :

Such as strawberries and nuts – containing about 10 g protein per 100 g, Greek yogurt offers about twice as much protein as normal yogurt.

8-Rounded bread with smoked salmon and white cheese :

Toast the Bread and divide it to sections. Put low-fat cheese on one side of bread and cover with salmon. Add a few drops of lemon and a sprinkle of black pepper.

#Lighter meals :

9-Green Drink :

Serving: One adult. Preparation time: 5 minutes. Cooking time: None. Calories per serving: 140 calories (586 kJ).

Ingredients: Canned mango slices 40 g ( remove liquid ), canned peach slices 40 g ( remove liquid ), 40 g frozen spinach, 1 medium sized banana, 200 ml water (or as requested).

Drinks are a wonderful introduction to breakfast if you do not usually have great appetizers in “early morning”. It is also a good option that can be carried easily as it fits your morning traveling.

Our green drink is a lighter type compared to some recipes of green drink, it is very sweet and rich in fruit and continues to give you a healthy meal of green ingredients. Mix all ingredients together until soft. Add more water to get the desired consistency.

10-Bananas and oatmeal drink:

– transform your pinned banana to a fortified liquid breakfast. Mix one banana with 2 tablespoons of oats and 100 ml of half-fat milk until soft. It can also be prepared using soy beverage.

11- Eggs, avocado toast, and blueberries:

-Multigrain toast, mashed avocado, and an egg fried on a low heat. Season it all with fresh greens and red pepper. Bilberries and greens are excellent antioxidants, and red pepper stimulates the circulatory system.

12-Or you can try a soft smoothie juice like Bilberry and Ginger Smoothie :

mash the bilberry and mix it with the ginger and place on them one cube of ice .
This breakfast perfectly balances proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Bilberries and ginger bring a wealth of vitamins for your eyesight and immune system!

13-Fruit, veggies, and nutritious toast:

Toast with almond butter, mashed avocado, and sunflower and sesame seeds. It would be nice to add a green smoothie to this breakfast. Fruit and vegetables are must-have components.

14-Scrambled eggs with arugula:

Scrambled eggs with greens are an excellent source of protein and vitamins you just scramble the eegs and eat it with the green arugula it’s that easy.

15-Another delicious juice Avocado smoothie :

A great breakfast for those whose morning starts actively. A universal recipe: 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup milk, 1 banana, a pinch of vanilla, and a small handful of spinach. The taste will really surprise you.

16-Healthy made pancakes:

This pancake recipe is simple: a tablespoon of protein powder, egg whites, 1/2 cup of mashed banana, and ground flax seeds. Goes well with green tea. Tasty, nutritious, and rich in proteins.

17- Oatmeal with mashed bananas :

Oatmeal cooked with milk will give you a sense of satiety for the whole morning. And banana puree beside add with it a tablespoon of honey will make it even tastier.

18- Avocado and salmon :

To have a hearty and protein-rich breakfast, you can add an avocado and salmon pieces and a little of almond butter or cow’s margarine.

19-Homemade soup :

For traditional cuisine fans. A chicken broth with carrots, celery, and noodles. A great balance of protein and carbohydrates and a good start to a busy day you even could any vegetables like broccoli or green beans or whatever vegas you like and also you can replace the chicken soup with meat soup to not get bored of diet.

20-Boiled eggs with molten delicious sheep cheese :

this the best meal because it contains protein calcium and B12 vitamins you can melt the sheep cheese adding to it hot chili powder for better fat burning beside the boiled eggs one or two eggs at max and you can add to this meal arugula to have all the nutritional benefits.

At the end of the of the article i wish you still healthy , strong , motivated my heroes see you in the next article 🙂