As we said before in ” BREAD MUST BE OUT OF YOUR LIFE!! SUGAR ADDICTION CYCLE ” of this article the benefits and great useful nutrition habits cutting out eating bread and sugar we will mention the replacement healthy nutrition instead of using sugar and bread and white starch generally.

When we have nice natural needs from the goods agriculture organically deep in the mother earth, Our body is aware of it and makes it into nutritional very useful elements that benefit from it and make you feel , not hungry ,and satisfied with what you had eaten.

However, because we do not need canned or encapsulated strange materials or preservatives, the body does not know about the materials and therefore transform it to harmful complicated fats which is hard to burn and you have not only to workout but you have to fight and struggle to burn those harmful fats from three to four months can you imagine how big is the disaster!

I mean as example if you have banana fruit and biscuit with bananas flavour in the supermarket, and the biscuit box in which less calories than the fruit, choose the fruit bacause the biscuits almost will be coated with additives and preservatives which your body will convert it to fats “harmful fats not healthy fats” like i said before healthy fat like natural grain of cows ,buffalos ,sheeps and nuts like we explained in the previous article (((POWDERED MILK))).

While the natural fruit your body will take the useful nutrition elements of it.So don’t think of low calories only but think about useful calories that make you full and satisfied from deep of your heart .
What i want to say that diet don’t mean to feel sorrow and suffer by deprivation your body from what you love to eat absloutley we will eat what we love but in a healthy way and i’ll till you about the way in future articles.

Vegetables that contain protein are the same as well , will help you to burn fat more.
Vegetables, which contains carbohydrates in general, like potato of all its forms as sweet potatos .. Information may seem obvious ..

The reason that the vegetables that have a high percentage of protein like potato and broccoli consumes energy when we digest it more than the energy inside these vegetables itself ..
Therefore, when we eat it our body consume fat from fat stored in it to be digested .. This process is called the thermogenic effect ..

Thus all the vegetables consist of a lot of protein, all your body burns more of the stored fat and the result that you will lose weight much more than the normal rate.

Be aware that vitamin B especially B2, B3, B5 and B6 helped to convert fats and carbohydrates to energy and help to optimize the level of sugar in the blood to the normal level .. In short, controlled metabolism ..

Cinnamon is also a helpful friend that regulates the level of sugar in the blood. Any chromium needs to adjust the level of sugar in the blood and reduce hunger or cravings.
Onions, tomatoes and whole grains, including chromium.

And the needs in which vitamin C helps to absorb the chromium and iron., try always when you eat something contains chromium or iron,to eat with it something consist vitamin C like lemons and oranges this will be more effictive i promise ..

Summary of speech, always when you eat anything you must think about two issues:
1 – Does my body turn it to glucose quickly or slowly?
2 – Does my body know about the materials in it or not?
And i have a personal hope that you teach your children who are accustomed to the sweets as they looked at the sugar and receptacles in their mouths to still I came back to the taste of the need for over sweetened artificial materials, when they grow up not feel sweetness of natural fruit because their tongue used to the need of high sweetened things .. I wish you also not making them to be used to soft drinks”soda” and fast foods “junk food” .. The problem is not the problem of being “over-weighted” … The problem in the other many diseases, which waiting for us when we get older as a result of “addiction to sugar”..
this the end of ((sugar addiction cycle)) article ..
see you in the next article about damages of soda and junk food .. stay motivated, healthy ,and happy