• Drinking too much water daily is essential, But what can be calculated from the income of the daily water and what we don’t calculate.
    Caffeine, tea, coffee, Nescafe, soda, and energy drinks, all of which are because they are diuretics
    I personally drink herbal tea, anise, mint, green tea, but the truth can be calculated from the water intake of the body.
  • But there is another wonderful source to moisturize the body
    from fruit, for example:
    Watermelon, orange, grapefruit, melon, and many others because the proportion of composition of water in some kinds reached 90%
    Then lettuce ,cucumber,squach ,green pepper ,celery,and tomatoes.
  • And from food: oatmeal, yogurt and soup.
    Because every gram of starch in your body enters 3 grams.
    This is why you do not open up to eat starches by blocking a lot of your body.
  • From 8 to 12 cups water is a moderate number and acceptable but the best
    A cup of water every hour if you do so this will be more than wonderful
    And this must be applied to children before adults.
  • Water is a key factor in maintaining the effectiveness and regeneration of body cells is the fountain of youth literally.

IF you do not like the taste of water you can add a floral or lemon, for example
The alkaline water and the water of the batteries you can’t use it just watering your garden with it :D.

1-Drinking water helps to reduce the human appetite for food.

2-Drinking water in quantities appropriate to the body means reducing the feeling of hunger.

3-Water has a strong relationship to the health of the digestive system and help digestion, which means feeling comfortable and not feeling bloated, indigestion as well as reduce digestive disorders.

4-Water reduces the cholesterol in the body, especially if drunk on the stomach in the morning, and thus helps in weight loss.

5-guarantee the safety of the heart and arteries.

6-Water helps the liver convert fat into energy, thus reducing accumulated fat and reducing weight, and not drinking water means the concentration of water in the kidneys and damage them as well as increase the burden on the liver to burn more fat.

7-Drinking plenty of water prevents the retention of fluids in the body, and not drinking the body for an appropriate amount of water means retaining the body part of it and this means an increase in the weight of the person.

8-Drinking water frequently fights constipation and thus detoxification and reduce flatulence.

9-Drinking water in abundant quantities provides the body with the vitality and activity necessary to exercise daily life by relieving the body of the toxins accumulated in it, especially in the early morning. When drinking two cups of water on the stomach in the morning, the body detoxifies the accumulated toxins and thus gives the body energy to exercise.

At the end i’d like to remind you that this article is attached to the previous article *”soda damages“*

And i wish you still motivated,healthy,full of energy, keep it up my heroes :).