10 Studies Say About Brown Rice vs White Rice

– Brown rice is a kind of rice, which is a complete rice that is treated by eliminating the non-edible crust. It is grown in many areas. It needs warm weather, high moisture, and constant water to grow with the right and right road. The Arab Republic of Egypt is one of the most famous Arab countries in the cultivation of brown rice; it exports it to most regions of the world, and has several types, including short grain and long grain, and the medium grain in length.

– Some brown rice is called brown rice and is more useful than white rice, and it is easy to cook. Brown rice is an important source of calcium at a rate of 40%, which is important for bone health, is useful in blood clotting, regulates heartbeat and deficiency. It causes nerve irritation. It contains 55% phosphorus, which works on bone stiffness when combined. With calcium. Brown rice contains iron important in maintaining body tissues, potassium that supplies the body with energy, fiber that works to reduce cholesterol levels in blood and limit constipation, as well as contain vitamin B1 and vitamin B2; they are very useful for the body.

– Benefits of brown rice for slimming Many studies point to the importance of brown rice. Nutritionists and specialists recommend replacing Brown rice with white rice, through diets and dieting systems to obtain proper weight and loss of some kilograms. The brown rice helps in weight loss because it contains minerals and fiber at a high rate. Fiber helps to feel full, which reduces the volume of food, as well as it helps metabolism, and brown rice has a low glycemic index does not cause the sharp rise in sugar Plays a role in storing fat inside the body.

– The difference between the brown rice and the white rice The brown rice is composed of the outer crust and is treated and the outer shell is removed. The remnants of the crust, the endoserm and the embryo are roasted, while the white rice is processed and remains of the crust and the starchy endoserma. Brown rice preserves the fibers in it and contains acids and vitamins. It is very rich in manganese, which saves the body from the harmful free radicals produced by the production of energy. In addition, the oil in its shell works to reduce cholesterol,

All that remains is the white rice, leaving only the remains of the crust and the starchy endoserm, meaning that it loses most nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers in the shell and embryo.

– The benefits of brown rice:

1-Brown rice has a high fiber and antioxidants, which limit the growth of cancerous tumors, especially colon and breast cancer. It reduces blood vessel problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and some heart diseases, so it strengthens bone health and prevents its fragility. It protects the heart from diseases.

2-Unlike white rice, brown rice reduces blood sugar, and is recommended to be taken by “type 2” diabetics because it controls the level of glucose in the blood, as well as lowers high blood pressure.

3-Brown rice helps to lose weight because it contains less carbohydrate than white rice.

4-Reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood, because it contains useful oils increase the beneficial cholesterol in the body, in addition to the presence of fatty acids protect against the incidence of heart attacks.

5-Brown rice is a laxative for intestines and prevents constipation in the digestive system. It improves gastrointestinal movement and excretes waste and toxins from the body because it contains soluble plant fibers.

6-Brown rice is very useful for feeding the child. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the cirilac and white rice with Brown rice to enrich the nutrients necessary for the growth of the bones of the child and to strengthen his body in a healthy manner.

7-Brown rice helps to improve hair health and make it shiny and healthy, as well as its effectiveness in improving the health of the skin, and prevent the emergence of grains, pimples, dark spots and skin rash on the skin, and keep it bright young.

8-Brown rice has a great benefit to oral health,it prevents gum infections, tooth problems and mouth ulcers.

9-The anti-inflammatory properties of brown rice are useful in the treatment of asthma patients, improve their breathing, and regulate the unstable breathing in young children.

10-Brown rice improves the performance of the reproductive and nervous system, because it contains a large proportion of manganese.

At the end of the article i wish you all still healthy,motivated,keep it up my heroes :).