My journey started over 400lbs. my scale wouldn’t register over 400 I was too ashamed to go anywhere else. I had an accident where I blew out my knee and twisted my spine, herniating 3 discs and fractured a vertebra. I had surgery on my knee but I was in bed for about 4 months and that’s what pushed me over 400.
I’ve always been a control freak. One day it finally clicked with me. I was worried about all the wrong things. The one thing I had absolute control over, I wasn’t doing anything about. I decided then and there to take my life back. I removed sugar & most gluten from my diet and started working out after I had lost enough weight where I was able.
I have since lost over 200lbs and am still working on my spine injury naturally through chiropractic and targeted muscle building to strengthen and help twist it back in place. I love my body even if there are parts of it I want to improve upon.

I put my journey on Instagram to hopefully help show someone who is in the same situation I was in that they aren’t stuck. I want to show everyone that is where I was that YOU CAN. STARTING TIP: You just have to believe in yourself. I didn’t lose 200lbs 1 time. I lost 1lb 200times. Small victories win the war!

source: the.vanity.bear