• Fats is one of the nutrients element that the human body have it in it’s construction, which is one of the most substances that contribute to the increase in body weight, and usually sources of fat that enter the human body is through eating unhealthy foods such as fast food, which contain high prcentages of fat, and contribute in gaining weight if it used in eating, and also through the oils used in cooking, where these oils contain very high levels of cholesterol, and the result of eating these foods must accumulate fat and cholesterol in the abdomen and buttocks, and for this there may be some concerns about the way to get rid of this extra weight or rumen resulting from the accumulated fat, and therefore there is a need for healthy ways to get rid of these fats by eating and drinking natural herbs that contribute significantly to burning fat, and we will remind you some of these herbs :

1- Ginger:

Ginger is considered the best herb that contributes to fat burning because it is free of calories. It is natural that the role of ginger is to burn fat and calories and remove toxins inside the body, and advised to eat to burn fat and through this recipe:

*First we cut the fresh ginger after washing it from the dust, and we boil water by one cup and then add the ginger to the water and let it boil for ten minutes, and note that the taste of ginger is very stinging to add a slice of lemon and is drunk, and can be added after boiling with water to Lemonade and Mint This is a way to get a better flavor and taste.

2- Cinnamon:

It’s is characterized by its ability to reduce the level of sugar in the blood; contributing to the burning of triglycerides accumulated in the body, so it is recommended to eat cinnamon because it drops from the open appetite and regulate blood sugar, and cinnamon has a good smell and flavor so do not mind to bring a quantity of cinnamon sticks From the herbal shops to use in burning body fat, by drinking three cups of cinnamon powder boiled in water, which is actually cinnamon tea, and the best times to take cinnamon tea in the morning and after meals.

3- Fennel or Shumer :

Shumer is also recommended as one of the most important natural herbs that contribute to the elimination of belly fat and buttocks. Because it works to dissolve fat and burn it, it’s a very effective recipe for weight loss; it is characterized by filling the appetite, which reduces the amount of food eaten by the person. Shumer can be drinked by boiling it with water for ten minutes, and after it been cooled you drink it, and it’s ok to drink it at different times of the day.

4- Cumin:

It’s recommended to boil the cumin to get rid of the fat accumulated in the abdomen, preferably drink daily to get the best results; it was found that cumin helps to increase the body tempreature and this increases the burning of fat through the demolition and construction of food, which works to lose weight and prevent any chance of cholesterol to accumulate In the body, cumin can be added as a spices to the food in addition to boiling it; the cumin contributes to relief flatulence and the expulsion of waste from the body.

5- The cardamom :

It’s one of the plants with a hot, bitter taste like anise, thyme and cinnamon; it was used in ancient times and is still, added to the coffee as a wonderful flavor and strong coffee drink. It is possible to use cardamom by adding it to coffee. For example, when coffee is prepared, the percentage of cardamom is high. Coffee can be made of cardamom, such as: Saudi coffee, Or add it to tea or by chewing it into the mouth.

*And by talking about from where we can get useful fats as we mentioned in the previous article (( Powdered Milk – Will never get you shredded )) we can get lovley healthy fats from the buffalo, cow, goat margarain, and natural butter, walnuts, almonds, pine, and coconut oil.

At the end of the topic i wish you still have healthy food,and lifestyle , keep it up, still motivated my hereos. bye 🙂