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September 2016

in this article here I wanted to spill a very common myth that you’ll see floating around in the fitness industry, which is the idea of foods that burns fat. So you’ve probably seen articles and videos like this floating around, you know “The 8 Best Fat Burning Foods” or “5 Foods That Burn Fat Fast”, and depending on how you interpret the idea of a fat burning food, it’s either a completely false concept or there’s some truth to it but only a little bit. So let’s take a look at both scenarios. So, the first is the literal idea of

Working Out But Not Losing Weight? today, I want to discuss the topic of what to do if you’re training hard in the gym, trying to loss fat, but you’re not getting any real results. So, we’ve all seen that guy or girl at the gym who always seems to be there, running on the treadmill, lifting weights, taking spin classes or whatever else, but who always seems to look the same week after week, and month after month. But how is it possible that someone could put in so much effort at the gym and still not lose a

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