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July 2016

  Are you frustrated by lack of weight loss despite your healthy eating habits and daily exercise? There are lots of things that stall weight loss. But, there may be something simple you’re overlooking that’s sabotaging your progress. Sleep! There are two reasons why sleep deprivation causes weight gain. 1. Eating more sugar. When we’re sleep deprived we reach for foods that cause a stimulating effect and sugar is the quick go-to. And boy does it get the job done. It breaks down quickly giving you an energy surge making

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle in this article here I’m going to I want to give you the few pretty simple tips that you need in order to prevent muscles loss and to maintain your gains while you’re a cutting phase and while you’re focusing on losing fat. Building muscle does take a lot of hard work and patience, muscle growth happens a lot more slowly than fat loss does and so it’s understandable that people are concern about this. In reality though it’s actually pretty simple, there’s only a few basic things to keep in mind here and

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