Drinking Too Much Water: The Big Useful Benefits

  • Drinking too much water daily is essential, But what can be calculated from the income of the daily water and what we don’t calculate.
    Caffeine, tea, coffee, Nescafe, soda, and energy drinks, all of which are because they are diuretics
    I personally drink herbal tea, anise, mint, green tea, but the truth can be calculated from the water intake of the body.
  • But there is another wonderful source to moisturize the body
    from fruit, for example:
    Watermelon, orange, grapefruit, melon, and many others because the proportion of composition of water in some kinds reached 90%
    Then lettuce ,cucumber,squach ,green pepper ,celery,and tomatoes.
  • And from food: oatmeal, yogurt and soup.
    Because every gram of starch in your body enters 3 grams.
    This is why you do not open up to eat starches by blocking a lot of your body.
  • From 8 to 12 cups water is a moderate number and acceptable but the best
    A cup of water every hour if you do so this will be more than wonderful
    And this must be applied to children before adults.
  • Water is a key factor in maintaining the effectiveness and regeneration of body cells is the fountain of youth literally.
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10 Studies Say About Brown Rice vs White Rice: Which is most healthful?

10 Studies Say About Brown Rice vs White Rice

– Brown rice is a kind of rice, which is a complete rice that is treated by eliminating the non-edible crust. It is grown in many areas. It needs warm weather, high moisture, and constant water to grow with the right and right road. The Arab Republic of Egypt is one of the most famous Arab countries in the cultivation of brown rice; it exports it to most regions of the world, and has several types, including short grain and long grain, and the medium grain in length.

– Some brown rice is called brown rice and is more useful than white rice, and it is easy to cook. Brown rice is an important source of calcium at a rate of 40%, which is important for bone health, is useful in blood clotting, regulates heartbeat and deficiency. It causes nerve irritation. It contains 55% phosphorus, which works on bone stiffness when combined. With calcium. Brown rice contains iron important in maintaining body tissues, potassium that supplies the body with energy, fiber that works to reduce cholesterol levels in blood and limit constipation, as well as contain vitamin B1 and vitamin B2; they are very useful for the body.

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How To Gain Weight fast? What you should change in your Habits to Gain Weight

  • At the beginning we must know that Weight loss “Thinness” causes health problems that are no less serious than those caused by obesity.

They reduce the body’s energy, create a constant feeling of tiredness, become unable to perform normal daily tasks, and most often, those who suffer from thinness become more exposed than others.

For the lack of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients for the health of the body,so it is best to consult a dietitian to know the correct diet for slimming, especially if accompanied by a lack of important nutrients to the body, to treat these important elements of the body.

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Best natural herbs that will destroy all of your harmful fats and how we can get useful and healthy fats

  • Fats is one of the nutrients element that the human body have it in it’s construction, which is one of the most substances that contribute to the increase in body weight, and usually sources of fat that enter the human body is through eating unhealthy foods such as fast food, which contain high prcentages of fat, and contribute in gaining weight if it used in eating, and also through the oils used in cooking, where these oils contain very high levels of cholesterol, and the result of eating these foods must accumulate fat and cholesterol in the abdomen and buttocks, and for this there may be some concerns about the way to get rid of this extra weight or rumen resulting from the accumulated fat, and therefore there is a need for healthy ways to get rid of these fats by eating and drinking natural herbs that contribute significantly to burning fat, and we will remind you some of these herbs :

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Powdered milk (artificial milk) Will never get you shredded

Is it healthy option or not?? we will answer all of you about this question in this amazing interesting article.
What we mean here the milk which is for adults not babies.
we want to say that the natural milk is important to the adults for their health ,building muscles,strengthen up their bones like the mother breast milk is important for babies to grow with good health.

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How To Burn Fats Quickly

  • How To Burn Fats Quickly?!

    Vegetables are so useful for our bodies There are many foods in nature, and these foods fruits and vegetables that can contribute effectively to increase the metabolism of the body, which is called the foods oif negative calories that is working to burn fat in the body, as the increase in metabolism works on Stimulate the body to get rid of calories and thus get rid of fat and burning inside the body.

  • Vegetables are healthy and nutritious, and when consumed regularly, they prevent accumulation of fat in the body and contribute to weight loss and long-term burning of fat. Doctors and slimming experts recommend eating vegetables to help obese people lose weight and maintain a lean body. Vegetables are characterized by their fiber, and is a low-calorie foods.
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TIRED of the strict diet and have been suffering for long time we have a magical solution !!

*All the fruit is allowed!!, don’t let any body till you that there is a certain fruit which loss or gain you weight.
Or prohibited in the Diet.
The only measure is quantity.
YOU’RE allowed to eat Mango by a moderate quantity and eat healthy food in the correct way you don’t have any problem then to eat mango every day.!

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The Most Important Types Of Protein

you must know guys some important information about Types Of Protein:

1-That the most important types of protein is the flesh protein or meats generally ( chicken,meat,fish,tuna,eggs, ) that supplies the body with all kinds of amino acids especially that not excreted by the body itself.

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